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02:59 Lighttpd Development: [Solved] are static builds still not supported?
I'm trying to build lighttpd for an ARM based proessor running uCLinux. I came across this bug..
02:52 Lighttpd Bug #2548 (Fixed): cannot build statically compiled lighttpd
Can not build a statically compiled lighttpd.
When trying to compile a statically built lighttpd, you need to have...
02:37 Lighttpd Development: [Solved] problem with static compile
When I statically compile lighttpd, it looks like src/SConscript is not creating a plugin-static.h file. Matter of fa...
02:05 Lighttpd Support: RE: why can't disable mmap..
I'm aware that uCLinux relies on mmap() for memory allocation.
My question really boils down to the configure scri...


23:50 Lighttpd Support: why can't disable mmap..
I am porting lighttpd over to an embedded system running uCLinux. This system doesn't have an MMU so I'm trying to di...

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