Bug #2823

Directory listing / sort by last modified does not work on Safari

Added by fjo 19 days ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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On Safari, Date.parse(at.replace(/-/g, '/')) results in NaN if at is like "2017-Oct-01 12:34:56"
Date.parse() expects "Oct 01, 2017 12:34:56"

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Revision d3f4a62c (diff)
Added by gstrauss 6 days ago

[mod_dirlisting] custom js date parse func (fixes #2823)

lighttpd mod_dirlisting produces a directory listing with the date in a
certain format, and lighttpd calls setlocale(LC_TIME, "C"), so strftime
date used in mod_dirlisting is predictable. Use a custom date parse
routine to replace Date.parse() in the javascript sorting functions.

"Directory listing / sort by last modified does not work on Safari"


#1 Updated by stbuehler 19 days ago

Maybe it would be better to dump the date in seconds since epoch as data-time attribute in the cell.

#2 Updated by gstrauss 18 days ago

HTML5 provides <time> tag, but we'd like to work with (some) older browsers, too.

Does Safari support a simplified ISO 8601 format? e.g. Date.parse("2017-Oct-01 12:34:56") or Date.parse("2017-Oct-01T12:34:56") ?

[edit: the above examples I gave are not ISO 8601 since they use "Oct" instead of "10"]

... Seems like many people recommend a custom date parse routine rather than using Date.parse().

I like stbuehler suggestion to use custom cell attribute data-time and to sort on that. Using an HTML-compliant custom attribute should be compatible with existing behavior.

#3 Updated by fjo 18 days ago

Please see the attached patch. It uses a data-time attribute. mod_dirlist.c from lighttpd2 uses an attribute named "val" for this.

#4 Updated by stbuehler 18 days ago

Please use the .patch extension for files including patches.

#5 Updated by stbuehler 18 days ago

Is the hasAttribute check really necessary? Can we check the return value of getAttribute instead?

#6 Updated by fjo 18 days ago

Yes, i meant it as a safety measure and to avoid an if-statement within "else if (sort_column == date_column) {".

#7 Updated by gstrauss 6 days ago

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#8 Updated by gstrauss 5 days ago

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