[UE] facing issue in mod rewrite

Added by psdhawad 8 months ago

No matter which cms I use or any other script I am facing issues with 404 for pages it's because of mod_rewrite but I already added

server.modules = (

In lighttpd.conf
url.rewrite-once = ( "^/(.*)" => "/%0/$1" )

in domain.conf file

Thank You!

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RE: facing issue in mod rewrite - Added by gstrauss 8 months ago

You have failed to ask a question.

Please read How to get support

Then please read mod_rewrite documentation and learn how to use %0. Better, avoid using %0 since you seem to have suggested your misuse as a problem.

If you continue to have trouble, start with a simpler config and get it working. Then, make one change and test it. Repeat.
Configuration: Quick Start