[Solved] FastCGI spawning and timeouts

Added by RandomInsano about 13 years ago

I've started into the world of FastCGI applications and I love the speed I'm getting.

I'm using lighty to spawn them, but despite the fact that I've told it to spawn between 0 and 5, it will ALWAYS spawn five and never unload any from memory. I get around this by running a timer with a SIGUSR1 signal when the timer is up which shuts down the program. The problem with this solution is that lighty complains in the error log that it cannot connect before respawning.

Is there a timeout feature in Lighttpd that I haven't found documentation for? Should this be considered a feature request? I'd like to save the server resources if possible, especially since it's a development server where these apps don't need to be in memory 24/7.

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RE: FastCGI spawning and timeouts - Added by Olaf-van-der-Spek about 13 years ago

Is that log entry the only problem?

RE: FastCGI spawning and timeouts - Added by stbuehler about 13 years ago

lighty doesn't support "on-demand" spawning, and i don't think we will add it in 1.x. If you don't like the log message you could just disable it, but normally you would want to see if your backends are dying.

RE: [Solved] FastCGI spawning and timeouts - Added by gstrauss about 2 years ago

lighttpd has supported adaptive spawning of backends since lighttpd 1.4.46 with "min-procs" and "max-procs" and "idle-timeout"
See #1162