[Solved] mod_uploadprogress integration

Added by lameventanas over 8 years ago

I can see the code for mod_uploadprogress in both github and the subversion repositories.
However, it is still not integrated and distributed in the official releases.
And a stranger thing is that mod_uploadprogress.c disappears from the release tarball even though it is in both repositories.
Even building from github/subversion won't build a
And with the changes introduced in 1.4.36, mod_uploadprogress doesn't even compile anymore.

A few questions:
1. Which one is the official repository? And why more than one?
2. How does mod_uploadprogress.c disappears when making the release?
3. Why isn't mod_uploadprogress integrated yet?


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RE: mod_uploadprogress integration - Added by stbuehler over 8 years ago

I think the module never was finished for 1.4.x, and therefore is neither part of the build process nor the distributed tarballs.

RE: mod_uploadprogress integration - Added by gstrauss about 7 years ago

mod_uploadprogress was added to lighttpd 1.4.42. Feedback appreciated.