Bug #1532

Lighttpd fails to start when using the same $HTTP["host"] match in an IF/ELSE form

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While adjusting a vhost i have, i encountered that Lighttpd wouldn't start anymore giving an odd error. The reason was quite clear:

$HTTP["host"] =~ "^www\.(mydomain\.co\.uk)(:[0-9]+)?$" {
# Do bla

else $HTTP["host"] =~ "^www\.(mydomain\.co\.uk)(:[0-9]+)?$" {
# Do bla

else $HTTP["host"] =~ "^(.+\.)?(mydomain\.co\.uk)(:[0-9]+)?$" {
# Redirect the rest
        url.redirect = ( ".*" => "http://www.%2/" )

When restarting Lighttpd i get the following error:
lighttpd: ./configparser.y:349: yy_reduce: Assertion `yymsp[-3].minor.yy78->context_ndx < yymspr0.minor.yy78->context_ndx' failed.

Reason is quite simple, i'm using the same IF and ELSE case, however it shouldn't really matter that I do so (even if it makes no sense).

-- calimonk


Updated by stbuehler over 11 years ago

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This is a configparser design problem - we won't fix it in 1.4.x as it is not needed if your config makes sense.


Updated by stbuehler over 11 years ago

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Updated by spflanze over 10 years ago

I have come across the same bug. I need this to work.


Updated by icy over 10 years ago

Why do you need this to work? It doesn't make any semantically sense.

if (a) { ... } else if (a) { ... } else if (b) { ... }

Just merge the two (a) conditions.


Updated by darix over 10 years ago

the error message could be a bit less cryptic, but otherwise i agree this shouldnt lead to an successful start.

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