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Compiling 1.4.21 on AIX5.3, with the native compiler. A few issues come up.

If HAVE_FAM_H isn't defined, then STAT_CACHE_ENGINE_SIMPLE has a enum member with a trailing comma, which is not allowed in ANSI C.

src/base.h 493:
#ifdef HAVE_FAM_H

C++ comments are not permitted in ANSI C.

<               default: /*  Address family not supported */
>               default: // Address family not supported

In src/network_writev.c, "network_backends.h" is being included before all the system includes, which causes O_LARGEFILE to be attempted to be refined by the system includes.

Theres an issue with the struct member "mmap" in chunk.h. AIX has the following in sys/mman.h:

#define mmap    mmap64
#endif  /* _LARGE_FILES */

Theres an odd conflict when compiling mod_webdav.c, where the symbol appears to be "mmap" in chunk.h, but when compiling mmap references in mod_webdav, its being redefined as mmap64.

It might be cleaner to not use a runtime function as a struct member? I can dig deeper to see the conflict...

The UNUSED functions appear to try and remove them for lint checking, but don't exist on AIX.
"mod_ssi_exprparser.c", line 782.3: 1506-046 (S) Syntax error.
The issue also exists in configparser.c, same generated function.

mod_ssi_exprparser.c (yy_syntax_error)
>   UNUSED(yymajor);
>   UNUSED(yyminor);

ANSI C/cpp doesn't seem to like the #ifdef in the middle of a function.

<       pos = strrchr(fn,
<                       '\\'
>       pos = strrchr(fn, '\\');
<                       '/'
>       pos = strrchr(fn, '/');
<                       );

With these changes, I was able to get it compiled with the native compiler. A -V dump shows the following:

lighttpd-1.4.21 - a light and fast webserver
Build-Date: Mar  2 2009 16:06:02

Event Handlers:

        + select (generic)
        + poll (Unix)
        - rt-signals (Linux 2.4+)
        - epoll (Linux 2.6)
        - /dev/poll (Solaris)
        - kqueue (FreeBSD)

Network handler:

        + writev
        + mmap support


        + IPv6 support
        + zlib support
        + bzip2 support
        + crypt support
        - SSL Support
        + PCRE support
        - mySQL support
        - LDAP support
        - memcached support
        - FAM support
        - LUA support
        - xml support
        - SQLite support
        - GDBM support

I'll have to test more of the modules shortly, and run some of the tests.

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Updated by stbuehler over 14 years ago

  • Please use "diff -u" for creating diffs
  • mmap problem:

It might be cleaner to not use a runtime function as a struct member? I can dig deeper to see the conflict...

This is something i don't like. Sure, we could rename mmap to "my_mmap" or something else. But how can we be sure there will be no #define my_mmap my_mmap64?
Imho no platform should use such defines (even #define mmap(param, list) mmap64(param, list) isn't safe); using static inline functions should be the right thing.

But i think we can fix this if we add #include "sys-mmap.h" in chunk.h after line 5 ("array.h"); it would be nice if you could test this.
  • The other problems should be fixed in the next commit.


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Updated by stbuehler over 14 years ago

  • Target version set to 1.4.23
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Updated by cstup over 14 years ago

Sorry about the diff issue. I was just kinda throwing it together and wasn't paying attention to old/new either. I'll make sure to be more consistant (and use diff -u) next time. The -u option is a GNU diff thing which AIX doesn't support by default, so I usually forget.

I'm not sure how I feel about the mmap() thing either. I agree with you that its goofy the system has a #define based remapping (no pun intended) of the symbol, but OTOH it might also be considered poor form to use a function name as a struct member. At best, it was a bit confusing to see mmap as a nested struct member to the uninitiated.

A crappy compile time hack might be something like:

#if defined(_AIX) && defined(mmap)
#error compile time assertion, mmap has been redefined

At least that would point it out on future AIX builds...

I'll be happy to test the chunk.h change shortly. I'll report my findings.


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Updated by stbuehler over 14 years ago

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Updated by cstup over 14 years ago

Sorry for not updating the ticket. The change adding sys-mmap.h chunk.h fixes the issue, as expected. As long as the same redefines occur consistantly, we're okay.

#include "buffer.h"
#include "array.h"
#include "sys-mmap.h"


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