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sendfile backends do not fall back to write/writev if they are not supported by the kernel

Added by Anonymous about 18 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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lighttped report error when uploading file using php on solaris sparc 9(sunos5.9)

(network_solaris_sendfilev.c.177) sendfile: Address family not supported by protocol family 124

tested 1.4.8 and 1.4.9

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Has duplicate Bug #987: error:network_freebsd_sendfile.c.175FixedActions
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Updated by Anonymous about 18 years ago

same here. lighttpd 1.4.10, sunos 5.11 x86_64. problem is at src/connections.c:1013
when request content size > 64k, use another way to post to php: write all
request body to a file, and then use solaris sendfilev to write from this file fd to
php-fcgi unix socket. But /lib/64/ which lighttpd links to does
not support to write to a unix socket. I don't know if there's any way of enabling
this if I recompile the

the workaround I am using is to disable solaris' sendfilev in
src/network_backends.h, but I don't know if solaris' sendfilev is much more
efficient than the linux sendfile call in solaris.

This has to be fixed.

-- atppp

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Updated by jan over 17 years ago

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I need a login to sol10 to develop a patch for this. Can someone provide me with one ?

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Updated by Anonymous over 17 years ago

It may not be the best way, but I seem to have solved it with:

            /* Solaris sendfilev() */
            if (-1 == (r = sendfilev(fd, &fvec, 1, &written))) {
                if (errno == EAFNOSUPPORT) {
                    buffer_prepare_copy(srv->tmp_buf, toSend);
                    lseek(ifd, offset, SEEK_SET);
                    if (-1 == (toSend = read(ifd, srv->tmp_buf->ptr, toSend))) {
                        log_error_write(srv, __FILE__, __LINE__, "ss", "read: ", strerror(errno));
                        return -1;

                    if (-1 == (written = send(fd, srv->tmp_buf->ptr, toSend, 0))) {
                        log_error_write(srv, __FILE__, __LINE__, "ss", "write: ", strerror(errno));
                        return -1;

                } else if (errno != EAGAIN) {
                    log_error_write(srv, __FILE__, __LINE__, "ssd", "sendfile: ", strerror(errno), errno);

                    return -1;

-- joe

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Updated by Anonymous almost 17 years ago

Hi there,

I am suffering from this same error in our Rails app. We are using 1.4.13.
Has any progress been made on solving this?

I'm a web-developer and not too familiar with this lower-level stuff. Can I be of assistance in anyway as this is killing our production site (we just moved to text-drive who use OpenSolaris boxes).


-- lachy

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Updated by Anonymous almost 17 years ago

The patch I posted above has been working perfectly for me. You should give it a try to see if it works for you too.

-- joe

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Updated by Anonymous almost 17 years ago

Why hasn't this patch been added to the trunk? This is a pretty serious bug.

-- magnus

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Updated by Anonymous over 16 years ago

thanks for the fix.
We are using sol 10 and Lighttpd 1.4.18 which still has this problem.

-- Jason

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Updated by stbuehler almost 16 years ago

If your OS doesn't provide a proper sendfile implementation (i.e. unable to send files over unix sockets), then just don't use it as network handler.

Of course it would be nice if lighttpd provided a fallback, but that should be done in a proper way and i don't know if someone wants to do this for 1.4.x as that would be a major change in my eyes.

I will not close this bug so others can find it (and i agree it really is a bug), but i don't think it will be fixed soon.

Perhaps can attach his fix as a real patch (diff -u origfile patchedfile).

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Updated by stbuehler almost 16 years ago

This is of course a more generic problem with all platforms, so i will link them here.

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Updated by necrobious about 15 years ago

setting: = "writev"
in my lighthttpd.conf file fixed this for me, tmmv! see ( for potential impact.

Solaris 10
lighttpd 1.4.19
php 5.2

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Updated by gstrauss about 8 years ago

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Updated by gstrauss almost 8 years ago

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