Release Info

  • Version: 1.4.17
  • Previous version: 1.4.16
  • Branch: 1.4
  • Status: Stable
  • Release Purpose: for the sake of the server.error-handler-404
  • Release manager: darix
  • Released date: 2007-08-29

    Ok. We broke it. And yes it took longer than expected to fix it.

Anyway. It was worth to wait. We fixed lots of bugs in this release. For a complete list of changes see below.

The final fix for bug #948 changed the behavior of the server.error-handler-404. In the past lighttpd tried to send 404 responses generated by CGI/FastCGI/SCGI applications to the configured handler. With the current design of the plugin handling the 404 handler this failed, if the subrequest used the same backend as the original request (FastCGI -> FastCGI 404 handler). Starting with 1.4.17, only the original request will trigger the 404 handler. That means your application has to generate the content for the 404 response itself. You can no longer rely on the 404 handler for dynamically generated 404 responses.

Changes from 1.4.16

  • added dir-listing.set-footer in mod_dirlisting (#1277)
  • added sending UID and PID for SIGTERM and SIGINT to the logs
  • fixed hardcoded font-sizes in mod_dirlisting (#1267)
  • fixed different ETag length on 32/64 platforms (#1279)
  • fixed compression of files < 128 bytes by disabling compression (#1241)
  • fixed mysql server reconnects (#518)
  • fixed disabled keep-alive for dynamic content with HTTP/1.0 (#1166)
  • fixed crash on mixed EOL sequences in mod_cgi
  • fixed key compare (#1287)
  • fixed invalid char in header values (#1286)
  • fixed invalid "304 Not Modified" on broken timestamps
  • fixed endless loop on shrinked files with sendfile() on BSD (#1289)
  • fixed counter overrun in ?auto in mod_status (#909)
  • fixed too aggresive caching of nested conditionals (#41)
  • fixed possible overflow in unix-socket path checks on BSD (#713)
  • fixed extra Content-Length header on 1xx, 204 and 304 (#1002)
  • fixed handling of duplicate If-Modified-Since to return 304
  • fixed extracting status code from NPH scripts (#1125)
  • fixed prctl() usage (#1310)
  • removed config-check if passwd files exist (#1188)
  • fixed crash when etags are disabled but the client sends one (#1322)
  • fixed crash when freeing the config in mod_alias
  • fixed server.error-handler-404 breakage from 1.4.16 (#1270)
  • fixed entering 404-handler from dynamic content (#948)
  • added more debug infos for FAM based stat-cache
  • use more LSB like paths in the sample config (#1242)

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