Bug #533

CACHE_MISS is unavailable in cml files

Added by Anonymous almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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I tried to use mod_cml, but failed when I used CACHE_MISS and CACHE_HIT. I succeeded when I use 0 or 1 for return values.

The reason is that CACHE_* are boolean values but the return value is assumed as a number. In my environment (lua 5.0.2), lua_tonumber checks the type of specified variable, and returns 0 (==CACHE_HIT) if the specified valiable does not keep number. Therefore, cache-miss never occurs if CACHE_* are used.

IMO, lua_pushnumber should be used for CACHE_*, instead of lua_pushboolean.

-- mukai

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Revision 2398
Added by stbuehler almost 7 years ago

Fix wrong lua type for CACHE_MISS/CACHE_HIT in mod_cml (fixes #533)


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mod_cml is decreated in favour of mod_magnet in 1.4.12

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