Bug #1357

mod_evasive, max-conns-per-ip and max-worker

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As you know, when we use spawned server using max-worker directive, the mod_status wont work correctly.
in fact it shows status generated by child that responses request to server-status url.

i can establish up to 64 connection to lighty right now, but not at first request, maybe 2 or more retries.

-- ip_moosa


Updated by darix over 12 years ago

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it is know that mod_status doesnt work correctly with multiple workers. and it cant be easily fixed. for now this is a wontfix.

for the matter mod_status in apache is as unreliable as ours with multiple workers.


Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

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Dear Jan and Darix, its 9 month later but still wontfix!

Im using lighty to serve my majox forum and download server and i've trouble with max-worker
on both servers i cant handle request with one worker due to really high traffic
on download server max connection per ip aint working and its killing lighty
on forum server i cant check server status when forum is over DOS/DDOS http attacks
thought this is one of most defects with lighty

I see this cant be patched easily but i hope lighttpd developers plan to fix it at least for next gold release


-- Moosa <ip_moosa


Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

No any respond!?

-- Moosa <ip_moosa


Updated by hoffie over 11 years ago

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What's so hard about getting the meaning of "wontfix"? lighttpd was not intended to be a multi-process application in the first place, max-workers was just introduced as it seemed to help some people. I'd rather call it a hack than a feature, because it makes lots of things way harder in lighty.

mod_status cannot be fixed easily, you would need some way of maintaining state between the two (or more) processes in a very fast way, as you can never guess which request will hit which lighty instance.

1.5 has multi-threaded I/O and should make max-workers (and all it's problems) obsolete. So this is still a WONTFIX in 1.4 (and you can't workaround it either). It's still WONTFIX in 1.5 but there is an easy workaround (don't use max-workers, instead increase I/O threads).


Updated by hoffie over 11 years ago

Same applies to mod_evasive, of course.


Updated by stbuehler over 11 years ago

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