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Use /tmp instead of /var/tmp

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In chunk.c: chunkqueue_get_append_tempfile, you use /var/tmp instead of /tmp to create temporary files by default. Is there a reason for this? As far as I know there's no need for those files to be preserved across reboots, so /tmp appears to be more appropriate to me.

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Many people mount a ramdisk in /tmp, and this is obviously not where we want to store temporary uploads; /var/tmp should never be a ramdisk (as its content is supposed to be preserverd across reboots), so it is ok.

It would be a good idea of course to have your initscript delete remaining tmp files after a crash.


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so it is ok.

Does the FHS say it's ok?
If people want /tmp to be a ramdisk, shouldn't they make sure to reconfigure daemons not to use it for large files?


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as the debian bug has shown you can configure that already without changing any defaults of lighttpd.


Updated by admin over 11 years ago

Of course you can manually change it. I'm just asking for the default to be changed to the proper location.


Updated by jan over 11 years ago

The reason for using /var/tmp is that it is disk-based in 99% of the times while this is not the case for /tmp. Turning it around will only lead to bug-reports because lighttpd leads to swapping the whole system on large uploads if /tmp is on tmpfs.

The trade is swapping vs. disk-full on reboot.


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In lighttpd 1.4.40, you can set server.upload-dirs = ( "/tmp" ) to change the location used from the default "/var/tmp"

lighttpd 1.4.40 and later also do a better job cleaning up temp files (as long as lighttpd is not killed with kill -9 or kill -KILL)

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