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the network_openssl.c backend blocks the whole of lighttpd during send of a file.

On most connections this is not noticed since SSL_write will return SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE and the loop will break so that lighttpd can process the other connections. But on a local GB-lan using cURL (and also on the local loop using both wget and cURL) it is possible to completely lock up lighttpd during a file transfer over ssl.

The problem is that network_write_chunkqueue_openssl loops over all the data in the chunkqueue until SSL_Write complaints.

I have tried to remove the looping alltogether (meaning that lighttp would only send one block 64Kib before proceeding to the other connections) and that worked out just fine, I can see no slowdown when for example working with localhost so even though lighttpd no longer sends the data in a tight loop the performance seams to be mostly unaffected (probably due to the inherent bad performance in ssl anyways).


network_openssl.c.patch (4.9 KB) network_openssl.c.patch patch for v1.5-svn HenrikHolst, 2008-08-08 13:20

Updated by stbuehler over 11 years ago

See #1070


Updated by HenrikHolst over 11 years ago

#1070 looks to be similair but for when receiving data via SSL, this patch is when sending out data. Or did the #1070 patch fix for sending aswell?


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FYI: lighttpd 1.4.x has an upper limit and writes a max of 256k (MAX_WRITE_LIMIT in settings.h) on each call.


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